Monday, March 28, 2011

Model spots are now open.

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  1. memememe lol :DDD

    I think you know my SD username ;] but is DIVAYO97 anyway.. I'm 13, almost 14 :DD &why I want to be a model? 'Cause I love your graphics. Lmfao ♥

  2. My stardoll name is miley_rockz_23 (:
    Im 13 years old.
    And i wanna be a model because i love expressing myself and my sense of fashion. I'd love to be one! ♥

  3. On stardoll my name is Katt55 :D
    Im 14.
    I want to be a model because i have before and i enjoyed the experience very much. (:

  4. name on stardoll- starchild_2

    im 14 :)

    I wanna be a model for your great blog because i think i have of lot's of potential.. And i love to get the experience ...

  5. StardollName:Mizz_Angel_

    I would love to be a model for your fantastic blog, since I have a great sense of style and love your graphics xo